Cristiano Ronaldo, Conversion Therapy, Michael T. Flynn, Britney Spears, Roger Ailes, HIV: NEWS

SPORTS. Cristiano Ronaldo was injured on the field during the Euro Cup…and was attacked by a moth.

FRIENDLY REMINDER. Anti-gay former Virginia AG Ken Cuccinelli is on the GOP Rules & Platform Committee. The committee that still voted to describe marriage as “a union between a man and a woman.”

CONVERSION THERAPY. Speaking of the platform committee, hate monger Tony Perkins got the RNC to back ex-gay conversion therapy (aka torture) in the party platform.

JAWS. Great White Shark 10-12 feet in length hooked on fishing line for an hour and a half before being able to free himself off the coast of Cape Cod: “’We’re going to need a bigger boat,’ Lars White said he told his family onboard the 22-foot center console boat.”

MALE MODEL MONDAY. Jordan Matheson. 

SHORTLIST. One of the contenders that Trump may pick to be his VP says he’s kinda sorta OK with gay marriage: “I don’t have any — you know what, I mean, I’m like — I’m about national security. I’m not going to, you know, I mean, I –.  What people do in their private lives, I’m not — these are not big issues that our country’s dealing with that are — that will cause our country to collapse.”

SEX, LIES, AND CONSERVATIVE NEWS. More women are accusing Fox News chairman Roger Ailes of sexual harassment. 

DEMS. Here’s the Democratic Party’s platform.

MUSIC. Britney Spears teases new song. 

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VLOG. EastSiders creator Kit Williamson and husband John Halbach launch their new YouTube channel.

HIV/AIDS. Researchers try using Grindr to give out self-testing HIV kits: “The study used banner ads on Grindr to offer free test kits. Recipients received a kit in the mail, a voucher that could be redeemed for a kit at a pharmacy, or a code that would produce a kit from a vending machine in the parking lot of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center. The test requires no blood; a swab of the gums produces results in 20 minutes.”

VIRAL VIDEO. A ceiling collapses in Queens.

ROAD TO RIO HOTNESS. Meet Team USA wrestler Jordan Burroughs. 

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