Wyoming 4th of July Parade Float Featured Outhouse Labeled ‘Transgender Restroom’


A 4th of July float in Cody, Wyoming is generating attention.

The float won an award. It features an outhouse on a flatbed trailer decorated with wildlife and a large sign indicating that the outhouse is a “Transgender Restroom”.

MyCountry 95.5 documented three different responses to the float:

This is one response to the Cody Chamber of Commerce:

WOW!!! Cody Country Chamber of Commerce and Wyoming Office of Tourism — Do you think this is an appropriate entry in the 4th of July Parade???? Crap like this, seen by thousands of visitors, makes your efforts worthless. Hey thanks Cody, Wyoming for making our state look like a bunch of prejudiced jerks.

Others saw it differently and posted this on the Cody, Wyoming Facebook page.

Here is what we think of the whole transgender bathroom deal in Cody Wyoming!!! I see that a whole lot of people are having a hard time deciding whether this is anti-transgender people or just a silly reminder that for years our bathrooms have been for males or females and that everyone has had the option of barring the door as needed. Whatever the case may be, it was just a funny attempt at poking fun of the whole issue and people need to just take a neutral attitude and calm down.

This came from another page and was just looking for answers:

I am HOPING that what they meant was different than what was portrayed…. I have seen things on the internet that have an outhouse with “Men, Women, Transgender” on the door… meaning this is something we all use. Why segregate bathrooms? Or am I just looking for the good in people when there is none? I HOPE we are reading this one wrong….


from Towleroad News #gay http://bit.ly/29wpMud


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