Colton Haynes Launches New Merchandise Line (And Twitter Erupts With Shade) – VIDEO

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 11.43.23 AM

Colton Haynes launched his new fan site complete with a merchandise shop on Tuesday, drawing both fervid support and criticism online.

“It’s super limited edition stuff” Haynes says in a welcome video that he adds should not to be confused with his apparel brand that will reportedly be launching at the end of the year.

The fan merch line includes iPhone cases–


–along with t shirts and hats that say “DADDY” and “Anxious”, which Haynes says alludes to what people call him on Twitter and his battle with anxiety.




PREVIOUSLY: Colton Haynes Opens Up About His ‘Lifelong Struggle’ with Anxiety

Photographer Tyler Shields contributed to the line, taking many of the photographs that are used in the merchandise.


Most of the items can be ‘upgraded’ with Haynes’ autograph for $25.

Skeptics and critics of the new line have been as vocal as Haynes’ fans.







One thing everyone seems to be able to agree on is that the items are tres expensive.


Haynes recently officially came out as gay. 

from Towleroad News #gay


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