Pentagon Lifts Ban on Open Transgender Service: WATCH LIVE

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Defense Secretary Ash Carter is expected to announce today that the Pentagon will be lifting its ban on transgender troops serving openly in the military.


Watch live, below.

USA Today reports: 

The move, nearly a year in the making, came despite last-minute concerns were raised by top brass about how to deal with the medical, housing and uniform issues for troops who are transitioning to the other sex.

“This is the right thing to do for our people and for the force,” Carter said. “We’re talking about talented Americans who are serving with distinction or who want the opportunity to serve. We can’t allow barriers unrelated to a person’s qualifications prevent us from recruiting and retaining those who can best accomplish the mission.”

NBC News adds: 

In a year, all the services will begin allowing transgender individuals to join the armed forces,

Carter called for full implementation one year from now. By October, the Department of Defense will craft and distribute a commanders’ training handbook, medical protocol and guidance for changing a service member’s gender in the in the Defense Eligibility Enrollment System.

That is the deadline that all the services will be required to provide medically appropriate care and treatment to transgender service members according to Department of Defense protocols.

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