Large Majority Reject Bermuda Same-Sex Marriage in Voter Referendum: VIDEO

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A large majority of voters in Bermuda rejected same-sex marriage and civil unions in a referendum held yesterday.

Sixty-nine percent voted against same-sex marriage while 63 percent voted against civil unions.

However, The Royal Gazette reports that the total number of votes cast was 20,804 (46.89 percent of the electorate) which is below the 50 percent requirement to make the referendum valid.


The referendum had previously come under fire because it was “non-binding” although Premier Michael Dunkley said earlier this week that “any outcome is the will of the people and will guide their elected officials accordingly.”

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In a Supreme Court challenge, Chief Justice Ian Kawaley said holding a referendum on the issue broke a “fundamental principle” in relation to human rights.


The Rainbow Alliance had attacked the referendum because it would cost taxpayers $350,000.

Pro-LGBT campaigner Tony Brannon said the result was “very disappointing.”

Preserve Marriage chairman Dr Melvyn Bassett added:

“We have a responsibility as a Christian community to extend love to all, and I believe that the group may be interested in developing a special ministry to the LGBT community.”

Watch Dunkley announce the referendum last February and a #VoteYesYesBermuda campaign video below.

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