Bernie Sanders Says ‘Yes’, I’m Voting for Hillary Clinton in November: WATCH

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders says “Yes”, he’ll vote for Hillary Clinton in November. Sanders made the comments during an interview on MSNBC this morning.


Sanders also spoke about what he’ll be doing between now and November: working on the Democratic platform.

He echoed the sentiments in a speech on Thursday night in New York, Politico reports:

When it came time to specifically discuss the topics that he wants to see on the official Democratic platform, Sanders sounded a slightly conciliatory note, only listing issues that have been far from flashpoints in his year-long contest against Clinton: killing the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement, banning the sale of assault weapons, ending the gun show loophole, and expanding instant background checks.

That non-confrontational approach followed a Washington Post op-ed Sanders published in the morning which heartened Clinton-allied Democrats because it omitted a number of issues where he and Clinton have bitterly clashed — from a $15 federal minimum wage, to a ban on fracking, to single-payer healthcare, to tuition-free college, to a carbon tax.

The conflicts over those issues, however, haven’t gone away. His speech was peppered with references to those policy points.

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