Watch This Awesome Activist Confront Bigoted FRC Mouthpiece Tony Perkins: VIDEO

activist Tony Perkins

Tony Perkins, the leader of anti-gay listed hate group Family Research Council (FRC) is good at dishing it out but not so great when questioned on his hate-mongering in the name of Christianity.

Persecuted Evangelical Perkins has fought tooth and nail against same-sex marriage, endorsed Republican bigot Ted Cruz for president, cozied up to oft married “traditional marriage” fan Kim Davis and claimed that Bryan Fischer is just not homophobic enough to cut the mustard. Tax exempt charity FRC had revenue of close to $15 million in 2014.


Angela Peoples GetEQUALLast week it seemed the world was finally waking up to Perkins’s B.S. when he was seemingly dropped from an ABC “This Week” discussion on the Orlando massacre. Yesterday, GetEQUAL activist Angela Peoples (right) – aka my new hero – spoke for many when she confronted Perkins with the fact that he is complicit in the massacre of 49 people in Orlando.

The confrontation came following a press conference held after Donald Trump’s evangelical love-in yesterday. At the press conference, a GetEQUAL activist was told to leave the venue after she asked Perkins to explain how he feels about fueling homophobia.

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Perkins had nothing much to say to the accusations but managed a lame “you are very disturbed.”

“You are responsible for hate and lies -a culture that has fueled violence against our community.

“What do you have to say for yourself, Tony Perkins? You are responsible – you are responsible for all of this violence. Do you see those 49 people that were murdered in Orlando. You created that environment, sir. What do you have to say for yourself, sir?

“We don’t want your prayers, Tony Perkins. We don’t want your lies. We want you to stop being homophobic, we want you to stop the hate speech.”

Watch the frankly fantastic confrontations below.




(Angela Peoples image via Facebook)

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