AFA’s Bryan Fischer: Anderson Cooper Should Recuse Himself from Gay Stories – WATCH


Pam bondiFollowing Anderson Cooper’s excoriating interview with Florida attorney general Pam Bondi (right) regarding the Orlando massacre, hoary old bigot Bryan Fischer has said Cooper shouldn’t be allowed to cover any stories related to “the homosexual agenda.”

Bondi, a fierce opponent of LGBT rights, said on Sunday that “anyone who attacks our LGBT community…will be gone after to the fullest extent of the law.” In the interview, Anderson attacked the “sick irony” of Bondi offering support to the LGBT community in Orlando, arguing that she had “basically gone after gay people, said that in court that gay people simply by fighting for marriage equality were trying to do harm to the people of Florida.”

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Yesterday, Bondi attacked Anderson’s line of questioning, saying that “it just wasn’t the time nor the place…because all it did was encourage anger and hate – and families who we’re trying to help to probably not trust my office and the 14 advocates we’ve brought in.”

Speaking on behalf of Bondi on his radio program yesterday, American Family Association mouthpiece Fischer said that “open, admitted homosexual” Anderson “ought to recuse himself from any story like this.”

Fischer added:

“He has no business trying to do journalism on an issue as fraught with emotion as the homosexual agenda. He’s disqualified from providing any kind of objective journalistic treatment of that topic.”

Last year, Fischer demanded that gay radio host and Fox News contributor Guy Benson be fired from his position with He also said that going to a same-sex wedding would be like attending the “grand opening celebration” of a crack house.

Watch Fischer’s comments via Right Wing Watch and Anderson’s interview with Bondi below.

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