Teacher Accused of Anti-Gay Rant in Wake of Orlando Attack Says Account Was Hacked – VIDEO

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Last month, we told you how Ali Chaney (above), a gay 13-year-old student in Texas, was sent home from school for wearing a T-shirt that read: “Some people are gay. Get over it.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 7.24.32 AMOn Monday, a teacher allegedly sent Ali’s mother, Cassie Watson, a Facebook message (right) suggesting that Sunday’s terror attack at a gay nightclub in Orlando shows administrators at SC Lee Junior High School in Copperas Cove made the correct decision.

“In light of the Orlando incident wear (sic) all gay people were openly slaughtered, I wonder if you’d still let your daughter wear the t-shirt to school that caused public controversy and may have subjected her to possible harm by others?” the teacher wrote. “Being gay isn’t a crime but publicly forcing your opinion upon others, and to do it through your child at school, will always be offensive to others.”

KCEN-TV has chosen not to identify the teacher, who reportedly works at a local elementary school. The station reports that while district administrators are aware of the message, it’s unclear whether they are investigating.

“I would hate to ruin somebody’s career over a simple message,” Watson told KCEN. “But, if this is how she truly feels, and there is a possibility that she could be teaching our young kids these lessons, then I absolutely believe that she may need to find a new profession.”

On Tuesday, the unidentified teacher sent KCEN a statement alleging that her Facebook account had been hacked.

“My FB account was hacked yesterday and I was not responsible for the message sent to the lady causing her to believe that her child would be harmed.  It took several attempts to delete the account after notifying FB that my account had been hacked. I have lived my life protecting the rights of others and being an advocate for ALL children. I’m saddened that a hacker can cause such negativity and division among so many people.  Please give my sincerest apology to this woman and her child. Thank you.”

Watson told the station she doesn’t believe the message was the work of a hacker.

Watch KCEN’s report below.

http://ift.tt/25XM7qBkcentv.com – KCEN HD – Waco, Temple, and Killeen

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