If Shooter Was Gay, What Changes? — Open Thread

shooter was gay orlando shooter…and it seems pretty clear that the shooter was gay. The shooter was gay, or was exploring it, or had feelings or some other related sexual identity. His visits to the club, messages on hookup apps, and the comments of friends point us in that direction.

The shooter was gay. So, who are the enemies? Winners? Losers?

So, what do you think of that?
Are we fighting ISIS? Guns? Internalized homophobia?
Is it still terrorism?
Is this “good for the gays”?
Do you see the events in Orlando differently?
Does this change how civil society sees the event? The response?
And who or what is then to blame?

A lot of issues here and how this goes down in the coming weeks…or in history…is far from resolved. What do you think?

Comments below. No personal attacks on other readers, please. Stick to the issues: If he was gay, what’s changed?

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