Orlando, Great White Sharks, Hillary Clinton, LinkedIn, The Vamps, James Wesley Howell: NEWS


ORLANDO. Shooting victim Eddie Sotomayor reportedly took bullet in back for boyfriend.

PULSE. Owner opened Orlando nightclub in memory of brother who died of AIDS. “Barbara Poma and Ron Legler opened Pulse in 2004 with the promise that it’s, “not just another gay club.” They created the space to celebrate Poma’s brother, John, and raise awareness for the LGBTQ community. ”

CLAIM. ISIS releases second statement taking responsibility: “‘One of the caliphate’s soldiers in America carried out a security invasion where he was able to enter a crusader gathering at a nightclub for homosexuals in Orlando, Florida … where he killed and injured more than a hundred of them before he was killed,’ the group said in its broadcast, Reuters reports.”

STONEWALL. Vigil for Orlando victims: “Hundreds of people swarmed Christopher Street around 6 p.m. for a vigil, dazed by the events of the early morning and needing to come to a place that they said gave them strength and solace. They held aloft rainbow banners, draped their arms around one another’s shoulders and offered chant after chant of “No hate!” Watching over them was a team of officers in counterterrorism gear. ‘In the good times we’ve come here, in the bad times we’ve come here,’ Brandon Cordeiro, 28, said. ‘What has always been true in all those times is we’ve stood together.’”


2016 ELECTION. Hillary Clinton launches first general election campaign ad. “In the one-minute-long spot, footage of Clinton looking presidential as she reviews a stack of briefing papers and descends from a plane that looks like Air Force One is spliced with clips of Trump inciting his crowds at campaign rallies. “I’d like to punch him in the face,” Trump says in one clip. In another, he tells the crowd, “Knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously.” And in a third clip — which is also featured prominently in ads paid for by Priorities USA, the super PAC backing Clinton — Trump lampoons a reporter’s disability, making exaggerated jerking movements with his arms.”

NYC. NYPD beefing up security at LGBT bars and landmarks following Orlando attacks: “O’Neill said that the local LGBT community and all New Yorkers should not be afraid and that there are no immediate threats against the city. Still, he said, there is always a fear of a copycat attack.”

FREEDOM TOWER. One World Trade Center pays respect to Orlando victims.

JAMES WESLEY HOWELL. LAPD says Indiana man arrested with rifles and bomb materials in his car wasn’t intending to harm LA Pride: “In a revised statement, authorities said that Howell did not intend to “harm” attendees at the parade but merely wanted to attend the event, which draws thousands to support the LGBT community.”


POSTERIORS. The bottoms of the British pop rock group The Vamps.

ACQUISITIONS. Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26.2 billion in cash: “The offer of $196 per share represents a premium of 49.5 percent to LinkedIn’s Friday closing price. ‘Today is a re-founding moment for LinkedIn,’ Reid Hoffman, chairman of LinkedIn’s board, said in a statement.”

GREAT WHITES. Long Island, New York could be breeding ground for Great White sharks. “Ocearch’s next expedition is planned for the seas off Long Island. As Fischer notes, the area is a prime candidate for a great white shark nursery, based on data gleaned from previously tagged sharks.”


MONTANA. Driver races from Tornado.

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