‘Save Sarah’, Jude Law as Superman, Jeff Flake, James Corden, Istanbul: NEWS

WTHF. Orange Is The New Black actress Kate Mulgrew says she was born with a full mouth of teeth and lived in a cage until she was 4. 

CkgVbXIXIAAvwQ9WATCH. Director Bryan Singer really wanted Jude Law to play Superman, but after trying on the caped-one’s super suit Law decided the role wasn’t for him: “I take the suit into the bathroom and I’m putting it on and I look around and I look in the mirror and suddenly I’m Superman. And the music kind of comes in,” he said. “Then I have this picture of me in that costume in posters all over the world and I was like, ‘No way!’ And I unzipped it. But I was Superman for two minutes, that was enough.”

GOP DIVISION. Arizona Senator Jeff Flake says he will not vote for Donald Trump who he says is playing up white “identity politics.”

#SAVESARAH. Cousin of Jeremy Jordan allegedly held against her will at ex-gay conversion therapy facility has reportedly been released: “‘Supergirl’ actor Jeremy Jordan’s cousin, Sarah, is no longer being held at a Christian boarding school in East Texas, according to a statement posted on the facility’s website Thursday.”

LOLZ. Rob Lowe will be the latest celebrity to be roasted on Comedy Central. 

73 QUESTIONS. James Corden gives the A’s to Vogue‘s Q’s.

TERROR. American who fought for ISIS charged in court: “Mohamad Jamal Khweis, 26, who grew up in Virginia, is the first ISIS-affiliated American to have been captured on the battlefield.”

HEADLINE. “Elizabeth Warren Goes Taunt for Taunt with Donald Trump”: “But her attacks on Mr. Trump were hatched in her own brain, and carried out with a combination of vehemence and apparent pleasure. Through speeches, carefully chosen television appearances and tweet storms designed to skewer the businessman’s remarks, policies and dynamism, Ms. Warren has gone taunt-for-taunt with Mr. Trump, calling him a ‘loser,’ a ‘small, insecure money grubber‘ and ‘weak.’ And she is only warming up.”

THAILAND. Country becomes first in Asia to eliminate mother-to-child HIV transmission: “The World Health Organisation saluted the country for its remarkable achievement, saying it is the first country with an HIV epidemic to ensure an AIDS-free generation.”

JESUS CHRIST. Mel Gibson planning Passion of the Christ sequel. 

INTO THE WOODS. Bay area gay men find refuge in the woods: “At a rural retreat in Mendocino County, queer men engage in forestry, trail clearing, and the occasional orgy.”

ISTANBUL. Pride event canceled by government officials, spurring outrage, concern: “The city’s fourth Pride march, scheduled to take place on Saturday 4 June, was banned at the last minute by the Izmir Governorate. ILGA-Europe are very concerned at this latest infringement of fundamental human rights, as the ban comes only weeks after a IDAHOT event in Ankarawas banned by the city governorate.”


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