Troye Sivan Inspires Transgender Fan to Come Out, Prompting a Dad’s Perfect Response


One of Troye Sivan’s fans came out to his dad as transgender and got the best response ever.

He tweeted screenshots of the heartwarming coming out conversation, and thanked the South African pop star, saying, “I just came out to my dad and i think i have the best dad in the world ?? thank u @troyesivan this is because of you.”

In the inspiring conversation, the father asks the son what name he should start calling him: “Gotcha. Evan. Changed it in contacts to Citizen Evan.”

Then he says “Love you forever, buddy. It’s nice to finally meet my son. Because even though I didn’t know it, you’ll always have been and always will be my son. Off to work so go do what real men do and destroy gender roles and paint your nails; I know I am. I went for blue today to match my tie and I’m digging it”

Sivan retweeted Evan’s tweet and that quickly went viral, with more than 23,000 retweets and almost 48,000 likes.



With over 4 million YouTube subscribers and almost a quarter of a billion views, actor and singer-songwriter Troye Sivan reaches a massive audience of kids and young adults.

sivanIn 2014, his debut album, Tryxe (EP), opened at #5 on the Billboard 200 chart, and at #1 on the iTunes store in 55 countries. He also received a Teen Choice Award in the “Choice Web Collaboration” category for the video “The ‘Boyfriend’ Tag” with fellow YouTuber Tyler Oakley on the same year, and he was named one of the 25 Most Influential Teens by Time Magazine, next to Malala Yousafzai and Malia and Sasha Obama.

He came out on YouTube in 2013 on a video that has had almost 7 million views:

Back in March, Sivan helped another fan come out to her mother on stage during a concert in Washington D.C.

(h/t attitude)

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