Madonna, Sominex. Fireball, Emojis, Britney Spears, Bernie Bros: NEWS

2016 ELECTION. Following Hillary Clinton’s blistering speech on Donald Trump, Trump comes for Hillary, compares her to Sominex:

NYT: “Speaking at a campaign rally here, he began by calling her speech ‘pathetic,’ dismissing it as a stunt and saying, ‘It had nothing to do with foreign policy.’”

Meanwhile, violence took place outside:




kimmel_trumpPUBLIC POWER FOR PERSONAL GAIN. Trump visits Scotland: “On Wednesday, the tycoon announced that he would travel to Scotland on June 24, the day after the United Kingdom casts its vote on Brexit. But this timing is purely coincidental. Trump’s trip isn’t an attempt to advertise his diplomatic skills. Rather, on a day that could transform the political and economic life of a core U.S. ally, the GOP nominee will be presiding over the grand reopening of the Trump Turnberry golf resort.”

Bernie SandersPHILADELPHIA. “Wrecking crew” of Bernie Bros plans to disrupt convention: “Some 20,000 protesters are reportedly planning anti-Clinton protests outside of the convention hall. But interviews with members of Sanders’ New York delegation reveal that supporters of the Vermont senator are also considering bringing some of those protests inside the Wells Fargo Center itself — raising the prospect of an embarrassing spectacle on prime-time TV. These are not the kind of people who just fall in line.”

Madonna VogueLEGAL VICTORY. Madonna wins Vogue sampling lawsuit: “On Thursday, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals made it easier for musicians to sample small portions of song recordings by giving Madonna and her producer Robert “Shep” Pettibone a victory in a long-running lawsuit over the 1990 hit “Vogue.” The decision affirms a 2013 ruling by a California federal court that held on summary judgment that a 0.23 second sampling of a horn hit from the 1976 song called “Love Break” was de minimis, meaning small enough to be trivial.”

nietoMEXICO. President Enrique Peña Nieto talks about why he acted on marriage equality: “Building a Society of Rights means there is no room for first- and second-class citizens. It means choosing inclusion over discrimination. It means creating unity from diversity.”

transgender flagTRANS RIGHTS. Why trans rights nationwide are only a matter of time. “It is difficult to deny the humanity of a group of people if someone close to you belongs to that group. And according to a 2015 Pew Research Center poll, 90 percent of heterosexual millennials report personally knowing someone who identifies as lesbian or gay. That includes 58 percent who have a close friend or family member who is out to them as lesbian or gay.Trans people are just beginning to benefit from this support-by-personal-contact effect because there are seemingly fewer of us than cisgender lesbian, gay and bisexual people – and fewer of us are out.”

AIR SHOW. Pilot took quick action when a jet went down after the Air Force Academy graduation: “Air Force spokeswoman Lt. Col. Michal Kloeffler-Howard said Thursday the pilot ejected. There was no information on the pilot’s condition. No injuries on the ground were reported.”


SPACE. Fireball lights up Arizona sky: “Nasa films a fireball so bright that it blinds all-sky meteor cameras as far away as western New Mexico. The meteor – 5ft wide and weighing a few tonnes – entered Earth’s atmosphere over Arizona early Thursday morning at a speed of 40,200m [64,700km] per hour, lighting up the pre-dawn sky for a few seconds”

IT’S BRITNEY BITCH. In a new interview with Marc Malkin:

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BABY BABY BABY. Justin Bieber spotted with pacifier in mouth.


EMOJIS. 72 including bacon, owl, and a scary clown are set to be released: “Other symbols that will be in the version 9.0 release include a soaring eagle, a salad, a shark, clinking champagne glasses, whiskey on the rocks, an egg, a pregnant woman and — particularly important for Californians — an avocado.”



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