Chris Brown Lashes Out at Instagram Followers for Calling Him Gay

Chris Brown and The Game reacted with intensity after Brown’s Instagram followers suggested the singer was gay because he posted a photo with his arm around Balmain creative director Olivier Rousteing.

“F**king f**gy,” wrote one of many accusatory, and extremely offensive, commenters.

Brown has since deleted the Instagram post but you can see it below in this tweet from BallerAlert.


Said Brown:

“The crazy thing is that y’all used to call me homophobic… Now y’all calling me gay???? RESPECT IS RESPECT. WHO STILL HATES PEOPLE FOR THEIR DIFFERENCES OR PREFERENCES??? Grow up. People are abundantly simple-minded.”

Brown added a trophy and a pair of hands clasped in prayer to the comment.

Rapper The Game also chimed in:

“Lol.. People kill me homie!!! Because two successful people take a quick photo opp together & one of them is gay/or not that means the other person is gay too!!! This guy is the head of BALMAIN… Most of you n***** ain’t even employee of the month at wing stop, uncomfortable in your own skin using HATE to hide behind your own insecurities… & everybody know this n**** Chris ain’t gay & all you n***** listen to his music while yo broke ass ridin’ shotgun in yo girl car so [cut] the bulls**t & let people live!”

Instagram Photo

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