LGBT Hotel Chain Wants You To Be ‘Heterofriendly’ – WATCH


We’ve seen a spate of new gay and gay friendly ads released as of late, which might not seem surprising given that June is national LGBT Pride month in the U.S. Still, some of the more memorable ads have come from overseas. Take for instance Dove for Men ad featuring Australian LGBT ally and rugby player David Pocock, or the heartwarming ad about a gay soccer star and his boyfriend created by a German rail company.

You can now add to that list a more bizarre entry: an ad for a European-based LGBT chain of hotels called Axel Hotels that features a faux gay boyband satirically flipping stereotypes on their heads and urging guests to be ‘heterofriendly.’

In the music video-style ad, members of the boyband preach tolerance for straight boys and sing about taking a hapless straight under their wings a la Queer Eye For A Straight Guy.


Juan Juliá, founder and president of Axel Hotels, said of the ad, “We wanted to blink an eye at society when facing the struggle for true normalization of the LGBT community, we wanted them to step in our shoes for a moment.”

Said the company on its YouTube posting:

“The world get closer to be more gay”. With this pharse begin “Be Heterofriendly”, the new video launched by Axel Hotels, and which uses humor sense to put an accent on positive discrimination in current society.

Axel Hotels supports since its opening the normalization and rights of the LGBT community. Straights, we love you too!


Watch the video, below.

[h/t Attitude]

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