Human Genome Project, ACLU, Hillary Clinton, Barbra Streisand, Paul Ryan, Prince: NEWS

HUMAN GENOME PROJECT. Scientists will try to chemically recreate human DNA: “The authors of the proposal said that the ability to fabricate huge stretches of DNA would allow for numerous scientific and medical advances. It might be possible to make organisms resistant to all viruses, for instance, or make pig organs suitable for transplant into people.”

FRANCE. Louvre moves some artwork due to flooding of the Seine.


UCLA. Gunman who murdered his former professor before killing himself planned to kill two professors but could only find one. He also had a kill list and murdered a woman in Minnesota before driving to California. “Mainak Sarkar, 38, a former doctoral student and Minnesota resident, left a list at his home in that state that included the names of the woman, UCLA professor William Klug and a second professor who is safe, LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said Thursday. Sarkar shot Klug multiple times in a small office in UCLA Engineering Building 4 before taking his own life, authorities said. Sarkar had accused Klug of stealing his computer code and giving it to someone else, according to police.”

MUSIC. Madonna wins lawsuit over “Vogue” copyright. 

TONYS. Barbra Streisand to make first appearance at the awards show since 1970.

OBAMA. Trump is trying to bully POTUS.

ACLU. Leader of Georgia chapter resigns over transgender bathroom rights: “Maya Dillard Smith’s decision comes as the ACLU is taking a larger role in legislating the transgender lobby’s concerns. But the issues surrounding transgender policy led Smith to leave the agency, which she said has become ‘a special interest organization that promotes not all, but certain progressive rights.’”

BRITNEY SINGS. Rare video of Britney Spears performing live in 1998 at a showcase in Singapore surfaces.

NETFLIX AND CHILL. Julie Andrews is doing a Netflix show for kids about the performing arts. 

GOT. Kit Harrington has ditched the beard. 

FOREIGN POLICY. Hillary Clinton rips Donald Trump in speech in San Diego.

RACISM. South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley warns rhetoric like that being used by Donald Trump led to the Charleston massacre. 

TENNESSEE. Blue Angel jet crashes in Smyrna, Tennessee: “The rare Blues crash — the first in nearly a decade for the elite demonstration team, whose aviators are hand-picked to fly in tight formations and high-G force maneuvers — comes within hours of the crash of an Air Force F-16 Thunderbird after an Air Force Academy graduation flyby. The pilot ejected safely and is to be meet [sic] with President Obama.”


PRINCE. The musician died of an opioid overdose according to authorities.

GOP. Paul Ryan finally endorses Donald Trump: “On Thursday, the speaker penned a guest column for his hometown newspaper in which he trumpeted the controversial real-estate mogul as someone who could support the speaker’s conservative agenda. The move consolidated Trump’s backing from Republican congressional leaders and most party leaders, leaving a small-but-influential bloc of conservatives who have vowed to never support the real-estate mogul isolated and without a significant leader carrying their flag.”

THURSDAY THIRST. David Calderon.

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