Gay Man Hospitalized in West Hollywood Believes He Was Drugged, Beaten: VIDEO

Brandon Ackerman gay man west hollywood

Brandon Ackridge, who works as a bartender and go-go boy on West Hollywood’s Santa Monica strip, woke up bloodied in the hospital and believes he was drugged and beaten.

NBC Los Angeles reports:

Brandon Ackridge said that after only having two drinks Saturday night he blacked out after leaving Mickey’s bar and when he woke up he was in the intensive care unit with his face and body covered in bruises…

“I remember coming out of the doors and that’s the last thing I recall,” he said. “The doctor said when he did my blood test the things that showed up in my blood were consistent with date-rape drugs. The reason they don’t think I fell is there’s no scrapes. It’s all clean bruises on both sides all the way down my body.”

Ackridge thinks somebody drugged his drink.

The incident has sparked concern about recent attacks on gay men in the area.

Chris De La Cruz, a catering and events coordinator at West Hollywood bar The Abbey, said he was attacked in April by two men in ski masks who held a knife to his face, punched him, told him “you better not scream,” called him a “f***ing faggot” and, after he asked what they wanted, stole his money and credit cards.

Watch NBC’s report:

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