Rocco Steele Explains Why He Became an Adult Performer After 40 – WATCH

rocco steele

Rocco Steele has only been a gay adult performer for the past two years, yet in that short time he’s amassed a large following of fans. And while Steele possesses certain attributes that you might expect of a gay adult film star, his journey to become an adult performer has been anything but ordinary.

In an interview with Gay Star News, Steele talks about why he got into adult entertainment in his 40s, his relationship to his body image, and the connection between working in adult entertainment and self-confidence.

B_08R-ONSteele explains that he used to work in corporate America but wanted to start his own business. Working as an adult performer helped him raise money to start his own underwear line, 10seven. 

Steele also says that there are a lot of misconceptions about what it’s like to be a gay adult performer: “I think people think that it’s a lot of–like it’s nothing but hot sex. But it’s not true. It’s a lot of work. I can only count on maybe two fingers scenes that were actually not uncomfortable.”

Discussing body image and what he would say to someone who’s self-conscious about their appearances, Steele says, “You have to accept the things you cannot change. If there’s something about yourself that you really can change, set a plan and work towards it.” Of his own experience with insecurity as a performer he adds, “Coming into the [adult entertainment] industry at the age of almost 50 years old, I do not have the body that the 20-year-olds have. So there was a lot about myself I had to come to terms with very quickly.”

He also cautions against getting into adult entertainment to boost your confidence. “You need to find that validation from within before you seek it in [adult films] or whatever it is,” he says.

Watch Steele’s interview, below.

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