Fans Demand That Marvel #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend

captain america

After becoming the first movie in 2016 to pass the $1 billion mark worldwide in just 24 days since its release, Captain America: Civil War is already gaining legendary status. Now, fans of the Marvel muscled superhero want to find him a boyfriend.

Since last Sunday, social media has been inundated with requests for Marvel Comics to find Captain America, the alter ego of Steve Rogers, his true (same-sex) love.

The #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend movement started trending on Twitter earlier this week, and as of Tuesday evening 176,000 tweets with the hashtag were trending on the social media website.

It sounds serious.

Captain America’s fans want it, and they want it now. Many of them say they have found the perfect match: Bucky Barnes. Friend, turned enemy, turned friend again, it’s got love story written all over it. Evidently, Steve and Bucky already have their own power-couple name: Stucky. Other fans think Tony Stark, or Ironman, might be a better match. Power-couple name: Stony.


The current obsession to play Cupid with Stucky or Stony comes amid an effort to find a same-sex partner for Queen Elsa of Arandelle for the second installment of Disney’s Frozen.

Broadway legend Idina Menzel, who is the voice behind Elsa in the movie loves the idea: “I think it’s great,” she told Entertainment Tonight on Sunday. “Disney’s just gotta contend with that. I’ll let them figure that out. No matter what, Elsa changed my life.”


Alexis Isabel Moncada, the 17-year-old who created #GiveElsaAGirlfriend told NBC News she created the hashtag to encourage Disney to give Queen Elsa her own Queen. “We see princes and princesses, beasts and women, women and frogs … yet no women who love other women?” she asked.

Of course, just like in the movies or comic books, not everybody is happy when two people fall in love.

The Daily Wire’s editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro says the whole thing is an attempt by “leftists” to “destroy” the characters the “conservatives” love.  “Make your own icons, jerks,” he wrote on his blog when complaining about the “master-level trolling by leftists.” He continued to express his frustration adding that “the left won’t stop. And then they won’t stop complaining if anybody challenges their stupid, irritating, immoral attempts to destroy the characters we loved.”


Shapiro is not really big on a female James Bond, either.

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