Secret Service, Sia, Jared Fogle, Mosul, Archie, Antarctica: NEWS

WHITE HOUSE. Secret Service shoot man who brandished a weapon near 1600 Pennsylvania after not yielding to orders from agents to stop: “A Secret Service spokesman said the incident occurred shortly after 3 p.m. ET when a man carrying a gun approached a checkpoint on E Street near the White House. The suspect was given verbal commands to stop and drop the gun, and when he failed to comply, he was shot once by a Secret Service agent and taken into custody. Secret Service officers and an agent provided medical aid to the suspect, and the city’s EMS said he was transported to a local hospital with critical injuries.”

FINDING DORY. Sia covers “Unforgettable” for the Pixar film.

DUMPS LIKE A TRUCK. Josh Peck of “Drake and Josh” performs “Thong Song” on Lip Sync Battle. 

OKLAHOMA. Governor Mary Fallin vetoes bill that would have effectively banned abortion in the state because it was too “vague”: “The anti-abortion Republican broke her streak of signing literally every single anti-choice bill sent to her desk. This bill, which was passed on Thursday, would have classified any abortion procedure as a felony and provided up to three years in jail if convicted.”


TELEVISION. The CW’s new show Riverdale based on the Archie comics looks dark!

ANTARTICA. The Totten Glacier is melting rapidly and could create a dramatic rise in sea levels.

IRAQ. ISIS executes 25 people by lowering them into a vat of acid “until their organs dissolved”: “The alleged spies were captured in the IS (Daesh) stronghold of Mosul, in northern Iraq, accused of working for the Iraqi government’s security forces. Mosul is the largest city in Iraq still under IS control, but is facing increasing pressure from the north, south and east by the Iraqi army, Kurdish Peshmerga forces and US-led Western air strikes.”

JARED FOGLE. Former Subway spokesman appeals his sentence: “Fogle’s attorney Ron Elberger argued in front of a panel of judges in a Chicago courtroom that Judge Tanya Walton Pratt overstepped her authority when she sentenced Fogle back in November 2015 in Indianapolis. Pratt sentenced Fogle to 15 and a half years in prison despite the fact that the maximum prison sentence prosecutors recommended in accordance with a plea on child pornography and child sex charges was 12.5 years.”

PARTY UNITY MY A–? Bernie Sanders has reportedly been speaking with Senate Democrats who are privately seething over his vitriolic rhetoric aimed at the Democratic Party: “Sanders has reached out to multiple Senate colleagues in an attempt to assuage them. Among them is Senator Barbara Boxer of California, whose keynote speech at the Nevada state Democratic convention last weekend was disrupted by rowdy Sanders supporters in a situation she described as frightening and out of control.”

FLASHBACK FRIDAY. Ryan Gosling’s affinity for affection on the red carpet (without concern for gender). 

INSTASTUD. fritzlifestyle.

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