Felony Abortion, Apple Stores, Summer Reading, EgyptAir, Pedro Almodovar: NEWS

EGYPTAIR. Body part, seats and luggage reportedly found: “The Greek defence minister Panos Kammenos said Egyptian authorities have said they have spotted a body part, 2 seats and suitcases in search for the EgyptAir plane. Kammenos said that Greek military bases on Crete would be made available for allied forces carrying out the search mission. He said data clearly shows that the aircraft took sharp turns and plunged, but analysis is for experts to determine.”

Lawyers for Kim DavisOKLAHOMA. Legislature passes bill declaring abortion a felony, Liberty Counsel takes credit: “Life begins at conception,” the press release quotes Liberty Counsel’s founder Mat Staver saying. “Preborn children are in fact children, not merely fetuses, and their lives should be protected from the moment of conception. This bill is a very positive step toward affirming the value of human life by taking away ability to murder children. Liberty Counsel stands ready to defend this legislature if it is challenged.”

Javier GonzalesSANTA FE. Gay Mayor Javier Gonzales advances progressive agenda: “One of the first things that Gonzales proposed upon taking office was a gender-neutral bathroom ordinance. The measure has subsequently gone into effect, but Gonzales conceded that it sparked a backlash among some Santa Fe residents. He noted he received comments that included the ordinance was able to pass because voters had elected a gay mayor. ‘They were nasty,’ said Gonzales. ‘They were brutal.’”

IRELAND. 412 gay couples have married in six months since it was legalized: “The vast majority of these ceremonies took place in the capital with 213 marriages registered in Co Dublin over the past year. There were 43 same-sex marriages in Co Cork, followed by 25 in Co Limerick, 17 in Co Wicklow and 14 in Co Galway. The lowest number of registered same-sex marriages took place in Carlow, Leitrim and Monaghan with only one marriage in each county.”

thegambia_senegalTHE GAMBIA. European Parliament concerned about anti-LGBT activity in the western Africa country: ‘The resolution notes that “LGBTI people are often victims of attacks, threats or arbitrary arrests by security forces.’ Accordingly, the Parliament ‘[u]rges the Government of The Gambia and the regional authorities to take all necessary measures to stop the discrimination against, and attacks and criminalisation of, LGBTI people and to guarantee their right to freedom of expression, including the removal of provisions criminalising LGBTI people from the Gambian Criminal Code’”

TALK TO HER. Pedro Almodovar blasts sexism in Hollywood: “We’ve got all of these movies that are about heroes and about arch-enemies, and there’s the sequels and there’s the prequels,” he told Variety. “With those movies, in general – and I’m only generalising – if a woman appears, their function is to prove that the hero is not a homosexual.”

AppleAPPLE. Stores get massive makeover, revealing clues about company’s future: “Cook consistently presents Apple as a company with a public responsibility. Sometimes he does so by weighing in on issues like encryption, or by having Apple be a vocal supporter of LGBTQ rights. In this case, he’s doing it by presenting the Apple store as a friendly community hub, and by building a store that is fueled entirely by renewable energy.”

SUMMER READING. Bill Gates thinks these books should be on your list.

TRAILER OF THE DAY. The second spot for the animated food flick Sausage Party is out:

FRIDAY FLESH. Cubby American living in Sydney Kevin August.

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